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    Powder board rentals.


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    If you are planning on riding Hokkaido's deep pow, then you will want to be riding a powder board.

    We have been riding powder or "fish" boards since 2002, when the first Burton "Fish" model was released.

    And we are totally passionate about riding these boards and we hope you will be too.


    We chose to ride Burton and Jones Snowboards because we believe these two brands are superior when it comes to riding deep pow.


    We are the ONLY company in Niseko that allows you to reserve your board.

    So, you won't miss out on those big, deep powder days!


    We hope to give you the best possible experience. With that goal in mind, we deliver directly to your home, hotel, or chalet.


    All our boards are hand tuned and waxed, resulting in a better riding experience.

    Rider Improvement & Guiding with Niseko Snowboard.

    A collaboration between snowsurfjapan and nisekosnowboard.com

  • Boards

    Chose from our selection of Burton and Jones powder boards.

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    Burton 148 "Skipjack"

    Snow surfer!

    With or without bindings, this snow surfer brings the ocean to the mountains with deep snow float and easy flexing feel.

    Short length and Directional Flat Top combine to give a pow floater that turns with ease.

    This is our most popular board!

    Size 148. Medium Flex.

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    Burton "Retro Fish"

    A necessity for every storm chaser.

    Add some old school flavour to your pow turns with the Burton Retro Fish. Vintage graphics crank up nostalgia, while S-Rocker and tapered swallow tail helps you stay afloat on bottomless pow days and throw up massive slashes.

    Length 156. Medium Flex.

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    Burton 156 "Fish Split"

    The ultimate splitboard

    Designed for dropping in the first on the deepest days, the combination of a surfy double swallowtail, deeply tapered shape, and rocker float ensures the Fish Split keeps rising to the top

    The Channel system enables quick mounting and virtually unlimited stance options...Medium Binding size only.

    Included are Burton G3 skins & retractable poles.

    Size 156. Medium Flex.

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    Jones "Storm Chaser"

    Surf-inspired powder rocket - with the new spoon nose and speed channel tail.

    The Storm Chaser blends both snowboard and surfboard tech. The Storm Chaser is the latest offspring of Jones' design partnership with surfboard shaper Chris Christenson.


    The result is an explosively fast powder rocket that packs insane float into a nimble. short board. The ultra-wide waist width, swallow tail and pointy yet blunt nose maximise the float of the short running length and the Surf Rocker profile pops the nose even further out of the snow when you rock into a bottom turn.


    The Storm Chaser has a "Spoon" Nose and a Speed Channel Tail. The edges of the Spoon nose are beveled up for improved float and turning fluidity while the tail edges are beveled up for less catch.

    Both Board sizes: 147. Flex 7/10.

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    Jones Womens "Hovercraft"

    Ideal for Powder hunting and Crude Busting.

    The Women's Hovercraft is a pow-seeking missile for riders who chase fresh tracks like it's going out of style. The blunt nose and directional rocker of the Hovercraft deliver supreme float in the soft stuff while the pint-sized dimensions keep the Hovercraft fast and manoeuvrable in tight situations.

    New for 2016, the Hovercraft's bamboo wood topcoat features burned 'no- ink' logo graphics.

    Sizes 144, 148 & 152. Flex 6/10.

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    Jones "Hovercraft"

    Ideal for Powder Hunting and Crude Busting.

    Surpreme float and rally-car-like handling has earned the Hovercraft a cult following. Riders around the world swear by the Hovercraft's nimble maneuverability as this power-packed board deftly handles blower, crud or crusting and the same.

    New for 2016, the Hovercraft's bamboo wood topcoat features burned 'no- ink' logo graphics.

    Sizes: 152, 156 & 160. Flex 7/10.

  • Rates

    If you want to ride a powder board, you are most likely an intermediate or expert snowboarder, and most probably have your own board, bindings and boots.

    With this in mind, we only rent only a limited number of bindings and sizes.


    Day(s) 1-2 ¥4500/day

    Days 3-6 ¥4000/day

    Days 7+ ¥3500/day



    Day(s) 1-2 ¥1000/day

    Days 3-6 ¥900/day

    Days 7+ ¥800/day


    Splitboard, Skins & Retractable Poles start at ¥7000/day

    A cash payment will be required in full at the time of delivery. Please note that credit card details will be requested as a bond for the duration of hire.

  • Backcountry Safety

    Before heading out, consider the 5 Red Flags

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    Collapsing or Cracking in Snowpack

    If you feel the slope collapse under your feet or hear whomping sounds this is a sign of unstable layers in the snowpack. Cracks may also shoot out from your board as you skin or ride in fresh snow. These are signs of dangerous snow layers.

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    Rapid Rise in Temperature

    No matter the starting temperature, any rapid rise is dangerous because the snowpack does not have time to adjust to the temperature change. Take extra precaution on the first day after a storm. Take extra precaution on the first warm day after a storm cycle.

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    Strong Winds, Blowing & Drifting Snow

    If the wind is strong enough to transport snow then the avalanche conditions can change from stable to dangerous without any new snow. Watch for blowing snow on high ridges and beware of wind loaded pockets at the top of faces and chutes

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    New Snow

    90% of human trigger avalanches happen during or 24 hours after a storm. Give storm snow the utmost respect & assume high to extreme avalanche danger within 24 hours after a storm.

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    Signs of Recent Avalanches

    If you see signs of natural avalanches this is a sign that avalanche danger should be taken very seriously. Take extra precaution if the natural avalanches have occurred at a similar elevation and on the same aspect as the slope you want to ride.

  • Niseko Snowboard

    Rider Improvement and Guiding

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    A collaboration between snowsurfjapan and Niseko Snowboard: improve your level of riding or go back country or go on a road trip and explore Hokkaido's endless powder opportunities with Greg Homann.



  • Bookings/Contact

    If you have any queries or would like to hire a powder board, please fill in this form with your details and we'll be in touch to confirm your rental or help you with a query within 24 hours.